Skai Jackson Makes The World Standstill


Skai Jackson, took the world by surprise and put it on a standstill, making her the star focus from recently released shoots for the LadyGunn, magazine which were absolutely stunning. At just 15 she really displayed maturity, while showing true beauty, yet innocence through her eyes.skai jackson

The Disney channel emerging actress, could be seen in bold colours, and a bold style which got the social media in a frenzy fantasizing all about her. The shoot had deep monochrome backgrounds, with touches of majorly, stylish, coloured tulips… giving the shoot an elegant look. A flourishing young lady, it’s quite hard to believe her age. Life indeed is beautiful as we can see from these shots. skai jacksonskai jackson

skai jackson

In her own words she says, “there’s a little bit of pressure with that. At the end of the day, I share as much as I can. You can’t share everything about yourself and your life with everyone. Be aware online and in real life. Everything from a photo to what you say, how you say it, all of that. I like to use it [social media] to share with people and talk to my fans, but I’ve learned that it cam be a little scary when it’s your life and your business out there. Most of my friends aren’t in the acting business. For them, it’s weird when we’re out, and people are taking pictures. They think it’s strange, because they just know me as me. They’re all behind me, especially my family.” – Skai Jackson to LadyGunnskai jackson

The feats she’s achieved for her age, is far more greater than most of her peers, or renown celebrities who were once at the same age. She boats a rather impressive social media following, and can be said to have a major influence on young teenage girls, and her peer group in general. Her determination, perseverance, simplicity and style are to be indeed marvelled for a personality that’s still emerging.

For Skai Jackson, the sky looks to be her stepping stone. And the future seems so bright already, and we do hope she blossoms into a beautiful young lady.

Images: Raheem Cunningham/LadyGunn 


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