Being Your Own Snow in the Sun – The All-White Ensemble


Thinking in the opposite direction may not always yield a positive result, but when it does the effect can be as deep as a life changing situation. (Merging fashion and real life scenarios is key because fashion is life!)

An all black ensemble is the favorite of the fashion crowd at all times, but what about an all white?
Most people don’t think to go all white in their day-to-day lives because black is just easier and less stressful and we fully understand the excuses that follow.

Scrapping an all white ensemble in our daily lives is understandable but what about to events? Celebrities sometimes choose to go with this glorious combo but that is totally a downplay of the features of an all-white look and I think that not enough credit is given to it because it ought to be mainstream.

In the process of sourcing for images for this article, I noticed that most women only wear an all white outfit on their wedding day, or at specific events where they are required like a cruise. I might be wrong but I find that very funny maybe because my opinion is contrary.
Showing up in all white look just makes you feel like you have been recruited by God for a day. (Haha! don’t mind me……. ) It clearly sets you apart from the rest of the crowd by giving a classy and elegant vibe to your outfit.

The reason people wipe out the possibilities of rocking an all white is that not anything goes especially for females. Unlike wearing black all through, a lot of thought has to go into every single detail of the outfit even to the accessories.

Going from the sceptical stage to finally rocking the fit is a long process but the end result is worth every single second of the time put into use. So why not start shinning the heavenly way and quit being doubtful Thomas? Yes or Yes?


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