Spending Christmas In Lagos? Here Are 8 Exciting Things To Do


As the Christmas season comes into full swing,  lot of people have planned for a long holiday. But in case you’re not travelling, Christmas in Lagos offers lots of fun as it is the city were big thing happen. 

The holiday season here always brings along with it, cheerful gatherings with family and friends, end-of-year parties and more activities. As Lagos is a beautiful city with loads of exciting activities, it’s only right for us to list out some fun things to do while here.

Therefore, if you are returning to Lagos from the states, or you are in Nigeria and wish to spend your Christmas here, take a look at 8 exciting things to do in Lagos.

Explore an exotic island – Tarkwa Bay


When it comes to finding the right spot to spend time with family, friends or the significant other, look no further as Tarkwa Bay is the best place for you. It is located about 20 minutes from Lagos CMS Boat Jetty. The clear water, sandy beach and natural environment give you are very warm atmosphere. There are activities such as jet skiing, boat cruising and having picnics.

Go see a movies at Film House IMAX Lekki


The holidays are always filled with exciting movies that are worth seeing with your family or that special someone. So it’ s only important not to miss the Christmas specials curling up to the one you love while eating hot dogs, sharwama, popcorn and sharing a moment together.

Go karting at GET Arena


It’s always fun to get that adrenaline pumping as GET Arena brings you fun things to do like karting. Exciting right? So gather your family and friends together as it promises to be fun. GET Arena is located Oniru Estate, Off Ozumba Mbadiwe Road.

Party hard at Quilox


After a long year of working, it’s only advisable to let off the stream while drinking and dancing to some amazing music. Quilox is a night club located on Ozumba Mbadiwe that offers tasty meals at the restaurant upstairs and good liquor inside by the bar.

Picnic at Lekki Conservation Center


Located on Lekki Peninsula, the Lekki Conservation Center is one place to be this Christmas season. If you are a lover of wildlife and nature, this is the best place to visit. There a several animals like monkeys, crocodiles, peacocks, tortoise and exotic birds  for your viewing pleasure. It is fun place to have a picnic with family as it  has a very serene environment.

Visit Fela’s Shrine


This is one of the places to experience while in Lagos. Although not suitable for kids, Fela’s Shrine gives you freedom to indulge in several things. Live music, palm wine, nkwobi and suya are some of the things severed there. The shrine is located at Ikeja.

Try karoke at Shaunz Bar


If you are into music and loves to sing, then Shaunz Bar karaoke is a place to be. So call a few of your friends and family to have a fun night singing to different genre of songs while enjoying the delicious meals at the restaurant.

Spend a lovely weekend at Inagbe Grand Resort & Leisure 


Inagbe Grand Resort & Leisure is a first of its kind resort located at the tranquil banks of the Lagos Lagoon and Atlantic Ocean. This resort captures the essence of nature, culture and tradition. Fun activities like boat cruising, horse riding, swimming, golfing and more are some of the offers at the grand resort. Quite an amazing place to visit.


These are some of the fun things to do while in Lagos. However if you have more things to add, please feel free to put them down in the comment section.


Images – www.socialprefect.com, www.shaunzbar.com, www,naijaeyegermany.com






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