How to: Lisa Folawiyo


What do you call a Nigerian designer whose style game is always a 100 and is perhaps only surpassed equally by her designs? Oh I know that one, you call that a Lisa guys! And not just any Lisa, a Lisa Folawiyo to be precise.

Personally I think she is awesome all-round, as designer, Hot stylish person lol and general rockstar. But you don’t have to take my word for it, google is your friend.

Lisa’s style game always give a great big style-on, she gives you Tracee Ellis Ross meets Solange Knowles meets Lisa with a sprinkle of the Nigerian quirk.

Whether teaching us how to wear her pieces or schooling us on the many possible things to do with denim, Lisa is the teacher who keeps them coming.

Her love for designer shoes, heck designer everything is an attestation to her style game but only because she pulls them off effortlessly.

It could be designer pieces, her pieces or good ole plain denim, she gives it the Lisa quirk.

I would happily give up my beloved bounty chocolate for a week if it means I could raid her wardrobe and get everything I want, Sigh, it would be wonderful!           

Lisa’s got Style and I think we can say Style has got her right back.


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