Style or Fashion – The Superiority Quest!


Over the years, while fashion trends have excelled and died off, there are often debates as to whether ‘Fashion’ and ‘Style’ surpass each other in superiority.
It’s very easy to confuse ‘Fashion’ and ‘Style’ just as easy as it is to confuse ‘Suya’ and ‘Kilishi’. Very annoying right?

Sometimes even, the two terms are tagged ‘synonymous’. And while that is a shame, there’s nothing a few words and awesome outfits cannot fix.
‘Fashion’ as defined by the dictionary, is a popular style of practice especially in relation to clothing, accessories or general outlook of things. It is also a habitual trend in a look or dress-up of a person, notwithstanding the prevailing traits in the person’s behavior as well.What you’d want to know about fashion basically is that it has to with dressing according to trend or vogue.

Style on the hand, concerns an individual’s personality without considering the changing time or periods. This translates to expressing an individual’s personality, character or experiences into dressing.

Think about the craze for bell-sleeved dresses, chokers and Palazzo and how everyone wants to wrap their wardrobe around them. An individual would want to own these items because they are in vogue and want to feel the chill vibe.
Style on the other hand, is something way deeper than trend. Style comes from an individual trademarking or stamping a continuous series of dressing because past experiences, habits, personality and character are expressed through dressing.
Which is why old souls would kill for ‘vintage dresses’ and style. Or retro-inclined individuals opting for colour-screaming attires.

Dare I say that ‘Fashion’ is more of an outward approach to dressing while ‘Style’ relates to more inward routines? But what is the need to compare these two terms?

What if I told you ‘Fashion’ and ‘Style’ are best friends?

It is also safe to say that ‘Style’ is the sauce with which fashion works with, to give taste and digest an individual’s style or statement. Fashion over time has been dismissed by some as a waste of time. Which is not only funny, but a taboo, (something to be unheard of). People fail to understand and even go ahead to underestimate the world of fashion. Fashion is like a car and style, the engine. The two must work hand in hand for an individual to reach their fashion destination.

So next time, a petty person corners you and yaps on about your love for prints, do them some schooling on why it so important to cast off your personal taste in trends.

Guest Writer: Amblessed Ezidonye


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