Style Vitae At The Africa International Film Festival, Day 1


Wednesday November 12th 2014

We made it in one piece – thankfully. After landing at about noon, I sat eagerly by the window seat trying to get an eye full of this town, Calabar. You see, the first and only time I was here it must have about ten years ago when I was a bridesmaid, or should I say a flower girl, for a family wedding and we literally stayed for a few hours and then it was back to the airport. So permit me to say this is my first time in this beautiful city.

The scenery and landscape here is breathtaking. As I appreciated the view, I begun to notice that we were approaching Tinapa because we spotted several billboards of the Africa International Film Festival plastered around the town.

The base of the Festival is in the heart of Tinapa – Tinapa Lakeside Hotel. The actors and actresses attending the festival are staying here and are also doing interviews and the like. The Marina Resort is the hub where all the filming and workshops have been occurring.

At the Marina Resort, there were so many activities going on – from workshops with veteran actors to screenings of new films. We couldn’t help but appreciate the atmosphere. We caught some of the street style going, the looks were was very laid back and fun.

Here are a few photos

AFRIFF 2014 Rita Dominic
Rita Dominic
AFRIFF 2014 Segun Arinze
Segun Arinze
AFRIFF 2014 Uru Eke
Uru Eke
AFRIFF 2014 Gbenro Ajibade
Gbenro Ajibade

AFRIFF 2014 IMG_1129

AFRIFF 2014 skirt AFRIFF 2014 Gideon Okeke,  Gbenro Ajibade_


AFRIFF 2014 IMG_1217







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