SV Recipes – Ukwa Because It Is A Nigerian Delicacy


Hello and welcome back to another edition of SV Recipes. Today we have a all time delicacy that is mostly seen in the Eastern part of Nigeria called Ukwa (Breadfruit) gotten from AfricanFoodRecipes

Ukwa as they say is one of the diabetic healthy foods that is prepared and eaten to help control blood sugar. It provides the body with essential nutrients including protein, iron, vitamin C, A, K, potassium, magnesium, fibre, folic acid and more.


Apart from being a healthy and nutritious food for diabetics, it is also a delicacy that every Eastern family must have at every occasion. Some say it may be difficult to cook but once you master the tricks of making this meal, then you are good to go.

Thus if you are interested in learning this dish, then click on the video to watch.




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Video –






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