T.I Nathan Just Released a Golden Collection, your Blue Blooded Persona would Adore!


Men’s wear designer, T.I Nathan just released a collection that is the dream of every regal fellow, we absolutely love it and think you would too (well the regal-blue-blooded you should).

Following a long hiatus, after the release of their SS 17 Metanoia collection at LFDW 2016, this regal collective which the brand calls ‘August’ and featured classic dark suits with golden arabesque embroidery, certainly makes for a not so shabby comeback. Fronting the golden collection is non other than Nigeria’s Golden boy himself Adekunle Gold, who channels his inner Royalty, setting a most regal mood.

“August is a collection that centers around prestige, royalty and nobility. With ornaments etched upon the fabric, it is handcrafted with a class of its own. Each outfits embodies a standard to uphold, with details of quality and embellishment. When adorned in the garment of the august, respect and majesty is bequeathed for it is tailored for the kingly and aristocracy,” the brand says in an accompanying release. And where is the lie, one could possibly picture the Emir of Kano in one of these, after all as the brand says of the collection;

“August is a legacy to wear. A class to exist. A suit for respect.”

View images below;


Creative Direction- Laila Cadne-Rahman

Photographer- Tope Adenola

Stylist- MagPayne

Models- Adekunle Gold, Chinedu Johnson and Wale Bello

Makeup/Grooming- Laila Cadne-Rahman

Footwear- Moni Morgan Shoes


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