Tajé’s Tips – Bananarama!


Hey Fitfam! How was your weekend? Hope it was great and you are well rested! It’s about to be a crazy working week for me and probably for a lot of you reading this, so this here is something you can add to your must haves to help you through the week – BANANAS!

Yup! If you’re already following my Instagram @tajevadehealthandfitness then you know that me and bananas are secretly married. Shhh, don’t tell anyone! I add it to basically everything from oats to pancakes to smoothies.


I love the energy boost it provides. But apart from that bananas have other amazing benefits.

Here are some of them –

It provides energy! This is due to the fact that bananas contain carbohydrates that are necessary to replace the muscle glycogen which is muscle sugar.

It is high in potassium, which helps the body’s circulatory system deliver oxygen to the brain; helping maintain regular heartbeat and proper water balance.

They are high in soluble fibre which helps to stop constipation and helps restore and maintain regular bowel function.

They release a mood regulating substance called tryptophan which is converted to serotonin in the brain and thus elevates our mood and makes us happier.

They contain vitamin B6 which helps with PMS as it regulates blood glucose levels.

It is a potassium packed fruit so therefore it helps with our brain power as it makes us more alert.

They’re rich in iron so they can help people with anaemia as it helps stimulate the production of hemoglobin in the blood.

And finally, believe it or not. Bananas can help you smokers out there quit as it contains B vitamins and other minerals that lessen the effects of nicotine withdrawals both physically and psychologically.

That’s all folks. Go out and grab a banana!

I promise you’ll love it.







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