A Tale Of An Igbo Traditional Wedding


The Igbo culture is a beautiful culture with different ways to accessorize and different wrappers to tie. When Chioma and Noble got hitched over the weekend, we found a great opportunity to show you guys some of the attires worn for Igbo traditional weddings and how to accessorize them.

1st Look

Chioma Otisi first look by tubo

This attire was made by fashion designer Tubo, and it was a crop top, coupled with a straight skirt and a cape. For this attire, she had a simple head bead, beaded earrings and capped it all up with a horse tail…popularly known as “Uya” in the Igbo land.

Chioma Otisi by dorannebeauty


2nd Look

Chioma Otisi second outfit blouse straight skirt wrap skirt

Chioma’s second look for the day consisted of a blouse, a straight skirt and a wrap skirt also made by Tubo. Tubo added some beaded designs on this attire and the off-shoulder piece was a wonder to behold. Chioma coupled this attire with beads from Urezkulture and had her Uya on hand to make the traditional outfit complete.

Chioma otisi Second outfit accessories by urezkulture


3rd Look

Chioma Otisi third look by tubo

For her third look, Chioma stepped out in a red hot, off-shoulder number with a train and her Uya by her side. This dress was so comfortable as she wore it into the night and even danced with it.

Chioma Otisi make up by doranne beauty

There were shoes by Gucci, Jimmy Choo and Louis Vuitton – and her make up was done by the wonderful DoranneBeauty. She was styled by Jane Michael Ekanem who did a fabulous job of that.


There were outfits by Lanre Da Silva Ajayo, Tubo and WeizdHurmFranklyn, and you are advised to stick to Brides and Bows to see all these outfits.

This was a proper Igbo bride and there is nothing about her attire we would change. What do you think of Chioma’s wedding attires?


Congratulations to Noble and Chioma!


Images – Instagram – Janemichaelekanem, Kolaoshalusi, tubo__, dorannebeauty






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  2. I loved all 3 looks especially on a beautiful lady like Chioma.The fitting was tailored to perfection as that is really what makes an outfit outstanding!Congratulations Noble & Chioma.Looking forward to the white wedding pictures.Well done Team SV for showcasing.


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