Tallulah Diaries – Summer Sundaze

Theres nothing I like better than kicking back by the pool on a Sunday afternoon and letting the sun rays glide over my skin as I bask in its warmth. And that’s exactly what I did last Sunday.
As a presenter and entrepreneur I feel like the phrase “no days off” is literally my official motto. If I’m not in the Ebonylifetv studio or at an event, I’m overseeing Wow nails and obsessing over nail polish orders yes I know you guys are obsessed with OPI and Vane  all I ever hear is you want more colours, coming up with marketing plans with the team or just chatting with customers and getting their feedback, it’s all a whirlwind. So getting to laze by the pool, tune out and do nothing is literally my idea of bliss. All that’s missing is a tall Pina Colada and I might as well be sunning myself by the ocean in the Maldives, well almost.
Till next week my loves.
xo Tallulah
Jumpsuit Credit: Miskay Boutique
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