Teal Death Do Us Part


I love weddings. I really do. I’m one of those people who cry at other people’s weddings and sometimes many times I think about what my wedding day will be like. My makeup artist literally needs to be on standby the whole day as there’ll be a number of touchups to do except (s)he’s come up with something that tears won’t ruin.

Anyway, I was a wedding guest last weekend and it was one of the most classy weddings I’ve been to. It was beautiful…and so was I 🙂 . I literally just saw you roll your eyes, I honestly feel if you just accepted that I’m vain we can have better conversations.

I have this “theory” that if I’m not wearing the asoebi, I’ll put on an english outfit as a wedding guest and that’s what I went for. It was normal Deola big pants and crop top style but I really love the colour and how it all worked together with my frame and I thought to share with you.

Would you rock this? Do you have any wedding “theories”? Let me know!


Outfit Details:

Crop Top and Pants: Eman Zazar

Purse: Asos

Sandals: Missguided

Nails: LnLBeautyLounge



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