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Let’s imagine it’s that time of the year again. Fall and Spring season have come and gone and “summer” is officially upon us. Now all the “Jand” and “Yankee” babes are home for the holidays, late night barbeques that kick-off at 10pm are in full swing, and the crowd outside of Sip is larger than the crowd at an NNPC entrance examination centre.

The struggle is real

Yes guys, it’s summertime!! *cue Will Smith track here*

Hey girl Fresh Prince summertime meme


It’s also time for us to run away from the struggle hustle of Lagos to soak up more sun, but this time in a more exotic location and preferably with an alcoholic beverage inside of a coconut. Not your Auntie’s 5 bedroom house in Gwinnett county.

normal action vs Nigerian vacation
A family vacay and family visit all-in-one

So you have been saving all year long for this moment. After working 75 40 hour weeks at the office. You stuck to rice and stew from your kitchen instead of dinner at 1412. You did not turn up from March to July. And now you have finally paid for your ticket and your hotel, and you are patiently counting down the days until you get on that plane and spam your Instagram followers with holiday hashtags like #enroute #vacaymode #turnup #bliss #imhereandyouaint.

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Can’t nobody hooooold me baaacccckkk..

How do you ensure that you don’t go broke while you are away? That you actually are able to survive 7 days without going over budget and blowing up your account’s officer Yomi in need of additional funds?

Lucky for you, I have a few tips!

Beware of the exchange rates, keep some cash on you:

I’m sure every human in Nigeria feels me on this. It is very possible to get on a plane Friday night, wake up in a lush location Saturday afternoon, and find out Monday morning that the exchange rates have doubled tripled increased. I’m not saying travel with $10,000, but do travel with some, to hedge your risk. And God forbid you misplace your wallet with your black card Mastercard, you won’t be totally out of luck.


Do some grocery shopping

Not every time 3 star Michelin restaurants, sometimes cook at home. This varies though. If you rented a condo, or a house for your vacation, cooking at home on different days will help save you some extra coins. Coins that can be used to fund your Prada obsession. However if you went big and got a suite at the Palms in Vegas or the Shangri-La in Singapore, by all means, do you boo. Do You!


Set spend limits

Decide your daily budget and please try to stick to it! This goes for food, transportation, shopping, EVERYTHING! As a girl, I know how hard this can be. Especially when you just happen to stumble across a 60% off sale at a shoe store 2 days before your vacation is up.


Look for fun, free or inexpensive stuff to do

You are a tourist! Remember that! Lots of cities have tour buses, museums and other fun places that charge little or nothing at all!. Get on the bus and see the city! I’m secretly a history geek so I would recommend ancient ruins, depending on where you visit.


Road trip anyone?

If you happen to be visiting different cities in the same country say, the United states or different countries close together like in the E.U., consider making it a road trip between cities! It’s a fun way to bond and get some extra sightseeing in! Plus, it’s way cheaper than getting on a private jet plane. Except you are Kylie Jenner, then it doesn’t really matter.

*Disclaimer* This post is not an excuse to go on vacay when you have an 80K balance in your savings and are delinquent on the loan you borrowed from your brother. No, this is NOT for you. Stay in Lagos, and enjoy the traffic on third mainland bridge.

help-me-im-poor bridesmaids meme
Bye Felicia!

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