The Econominx – Just Before Pay Day… Round 2


Like I was saying in my last post, If you happen to fall into more than one of the categories I listed here, please continue reading.



Shame on you!

How did you fall this far?

You are essentially living hand to mouth, i.e. “Satisfying only your immediate needs because of a lack of money for future plans and investments”.

Good thing is it can be corrected with great financial planning and common sense.

Here are 6 ways to avoid going broke before payday

Pack your own damn lunch

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Iya Risi may seem cheap, with her N200 rice and N200 meat. But all that money adds up. N400 spent every day for 5 days is N2000. N2000 for 4 weeks is N8000. That’s grocery money right there. Besides I’m sure your body will appreciate your hopefully healthy and homemade options.

Carpool to the office


If you find out Andrew in Wealth Management lives right off your street, discuss with him about setting up a carpool. That way you guys can share weekly gas and toll gate expenses, saving you some extra cash which is always a plus. And if Andrew happens to be cute and single, girl that’s a PLUS PLUS PLUS.


Sit your butt at home on weekends

 Challenge your boys to a game of Halo on the PS3, go running – that belly is getting bigger and you are not getting any younger! Do all you can to keep yourself bored out of your mind! The only conditions under which you can step out of your house is to gatecrash a wedding because at least you are guaranteed free small chops, shayo and Nigerian jollof. Except it is an Igbo wedding then you better stay home #shade.


Dump Bae and her expensive ass habits


Just kidding!!!!


Get a side hustle


If you find yourself at this point at the end of every. single.month, bruh, get yourself a side gig cause that 8am – 7pm is not cutting it.


Plan! Plan! Plan! 

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Create a monthly budget guys, and stick to it! Plan for for your future the same way Nigerians girls plan to marry a politician’s son #thehustletochangeyourlastname #ifheisnotDangoteInodo


I know some unexpected expenses pop up some times but planning and budgeting can help ease financial burdens. Refer to my very first post here for a few  tips.

There you have it. Until next time!


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  1. Wow…..this is really awesome,thank you for the advice,i will start my budget plan right away…pay day is here already..*wink*:)


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