The Econominx – Just Before Pay Day


If the picture below is you during each month, settle down, make sure your laptop is plugged into a power circuit, grab the pack of small chops you got from Yetunde’s 30th birthday, carefully read the following service announcement and take notes.



This is an intervention.



Being broke 5 days to your next paycheck is not uncommon in today’s society. Because you don’t save enough during  course of the month, you hit a brick wall by the 19th day. Suddenly you are rejoicing because you found N500 in your old pair of jeans and your Mom scolds you for harassing your 14 year old sister for the N1000  you gave her she borrowed for credit.


are you kidding me rage meme


If you find yourself –

  1. Shamelessly packing the left over snacks from the Board of Directors meeting because you can’t even afford N150 rice and N50 meat from Iya Risi during lunchtime,

2. Eating Indomie hungry man size and one boiled egg every night for a week and it was not by choice,

3. Using BIC shaving stick to shave your legs instead of Veet because your “alart” has not come through,



4. Unapologetically praying for a co-workers birthday during the week so that they can “wash it” and you can eat small chops for free,

5. Downgrading from your uber rides to keke napep,

6. Getting excited everytime a message comes through on your phone because you’re expecting your credit notification and then cursing when it’s just a message from Xtratime,

download (1)


7. Reminiscing about all the times you should have saved money,



8. Accepting dinner dates from all the f-boys that holla at you on WhatsApp because you know they would pay for the meal and throw in dessert sef,



9. Pretending your card is having “network issues” so that your homies will spot you some cash until you get paid,



10. Driving visit your Mom and Dad on a wedding Saturday with freshly washed Tupperware in the backseat… and they live in Ibadan.

Then this PSA is for you



To be continued…


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