The Econominx – Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?


Easy question, we all do. Who wants to end up not realizing their full potential and living with a list of regrets? “I should have saved in my twenties…I probably should not have gone on that holiday”. No, thanks.

To help you miss out on the regrets, here are a few steps to help you gain leverage with your finances –

Know Yourself

What kind of investor are you? Are you active or passive? Are you creative or conventional? Are you dramatic or calm? Do you enjoy playing with numbers or would you rather have someone do it for you? Do you like to take risks or stick with safe options? #whatsyourvibe? Answering these questions would give you a better insight to the kind of investor you are.


Know Your Goal & Pursue It

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What is your goal? What is your dream? What are your motivations? Is it music? Sports? Decorating? Mathematics? Learn it, understand it and always remember it. Always make your dream work for you. Also, never stop learning; every experience can be a learning moment that takes you a step closer to achieving your goal.


Save, Save, Save!

Use your income judiciously. Yes, you can reward yourself from time to time; however, ensure that you save a portion of it frequently. Remember that every little bit counts. Do this and you will be laughing to the bank in a short time.  Read some more tips for saving smart here.


Timing Is Everything

Don’t wait until you are a 40 year old married man with 2 kids and a mortgage payment to start contributing toward your future. Start now that your expenses are quite low, and the market is young and vibrant.



Relax we got this meme success kid

Take time out for yourself. Revel in the success of your small victories. Dance the night away. Go to the beach! And then get back to the business of growing your empire.


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