The Internet Lied – What No Blogger Told You About Going Natural


You have to be living under rock (almost literally) not to have noticed the trend of women of colour embracing natural hair and this has grown even more thanks to amazing ‘fro goals on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

It’s almost like if you aren’t sporting a ‘fro, then your melanin game isn’t strong.

We can all agree that these Instagram and Pinterest posts are the reasons 80% a lot of ladies have decided to embark on their natural hair journey, and if I’m being completely honest I’m one of those girls. It’s because we see these beautiful natural hair looks and think, yassss! #hairgoals, Imagine how cool I’ll look when I let my kinks and coils loose!


While it looks all glam and is everything; here are some not so glam things no one tells you about going natural –

It’s a really an emotional process

Once you go natural, there’s a ‘getting to know your hair’ phase that you need to go through. Truth is there are countless products you’ll have read about when preparing for the journey (we’ll talk about this more later on) but more often than not they wouldn’t work as well as you’d expect on your hair due to different hair textures, weather conditions and genes.

Apparently, people name their fros because truth be told your hair is a living thing, she has attitude, good and bad days and she has things she would love to tell you. So connect with her, find out what exactly she likes, how she likes it and how often she wants it.


It can be expensive…

…especially when you have no idea what you’re doing. Between buying all the products natural hair youtubers and bloggers told you about to having to visit a natural hair salon, it can be pretty expensive to maintain your natural hair in the first phase. However, it does get easier when you get a hang of things.


You don’t need all the products you read about

While we all know our natural hair requires a lot of tender, love and care to flourish, you honestly do not need all the products you see listed on blogs. Our hair is as unique as we are and so it’s not what worked for the next person that’ll work for you.


Your hair may not come out like the ones you love on Pinterest

If you’re like me, you probably go to pinterest for hairspiration (hair inspiration) but the truth is more than 90% of the pictures I see and love look nothing like my hair. So even when I follow their step by step tutorial, most of the time the results are quite different.  There will be days you try to recreate a particular style or use a product and it just doesn’t work as you saw on Pinterest, and can we also talk about the days that you unravel your 2-strand twists and end up looking like Chuckie Finster from Rugrats?!


Your go to weave styles might have to change

I’m talking braids, Ghana weaves and of course sew ins with hair out. Due to the change in your hair texture you can’t do this easily. Your popping curls have a different texture from your extensions (obviously) and it’s honestly a struggle coming up with ways to ensure they blend in properly to give you the finished and clean look you expect when you just get your hair did. You also can’t do extensions that require you to leave your hair out except your weaves are curly or have very similar textures with your hair.


Everyone will have an opinion on what you should and shouldn’t do

Just like when you have acne and everyone you see automatically thinks they are dermatologists; everyone, especially natural hair veterans, feel they know everything about your hair. While it’s not a bad thing to get advice; I’d rather I solicit the advice before you give it.


Those hair category things…they don’t work

Don’t get me wrong, they are good to have as a guide but hunny, not every 4C is a 4C. Your hair can be a combination of all the Cs so be careful and take everything you read in that guide with a pinch of salt.


After all has been said, I love being natural. I’m always super happy when I see my nappy curls coming through, but I’d have been better prepared for the journey if someone had told me all of this.

Are you natural and have some things you wished people told you before you started this journey? Let me know in the comments 🙂

See you in my next post.

Till then



Illustration – Coily and Cute




  1. Realest post! Especially the hair type knowing. I don’t even try to identify my hair with a type, I just try to know what she loves and don’t. However, I try not see taking my hair has a struggle because it is my hair and should be loved relaxed or natural.

    Oréoluwa’s blog


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