The Z Files – Zina & A Black And White Session


When it comes to photography I’m the most basic person ever. Give me an iPhone and a cool app that “pops” the color and I’m pretty much satisfied. So when Baba and I decided to do this shoot I was somewhat nervous.

That’s because when I met Baba at AFFRIF in Calabar last year and  he explained to me that he is an analog photographer – you know, he takes pictures with film – mainly black and white,  has to store them in the fridge, and develop them in a darkroom etc. I was so fascinated about this, seeing as it’s the era of 2015 with digital cameras and memory cards et al.  We had a fun session, and I was glad to see the photos below

Zina B&W 17

Zina B&W 14

Zina B&W 18

Zina B&W 16

Zina B&W 15

Zina B&W 2

Zina B&W

Zina B&W 6

Zina B&W 3

Zina B&W 4

Zina b&W 7


Photography – Baba Agba , Dress – Rouge Villari at L’Espace


‘Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.’ – Audrey Hepburn




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