Thrice as nice- Sloane Stephens, Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams


After swimmers, I think tennis players are the sexiest athletes in the world, because they are so toned and perfectly fit with not one jiggle in site.

Today on SV we’ll be profiling three of the  world’s best female tennis players whose on court and off court style is almost as good as their style.


First up is Sloane Stephens, the star of the moment. This 24 year old star athlete who just won her first Title has a style both on and off court that is simple, chic and quite minimalist. This is surprising for someone so young and with the body to experiment, but she sticks to her less is more routine off-court and leaves all her ‘extra’ on-court.


Next up is Maria, who though not having a great season has style to keep her werking. Maria’s style could be the poster child for chic minimalism as we know it, perhaps because of her lithe form her outfits always look sewn-on and perfect. From her casual day on the streets style, to red carpet to serving first hand, Maria Sharapova is one stylish tennis gal.


Last and most definitely not least, infact usually on top, is new baby mama, tennis champion, Beyonce buddy, hot waist whining, and soon to be Wife to Alexis, Serena ‘mamacita’ Williams.  Serena’s style is almost as good as her winning streak, every look is always a hit back to back. With a bod as banging as hers, and despite the extra dose of muscle she gives a vibe that’s always completely feminine and sexy. Even or especially on-court, Serena always propagates black girl magic by her get ups and hairdos which are always pro-black. No matter what I say it’ll still just be words, so I’ll shut up now and let the pictures do the talking .




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