Timini Egbuson’s Five Things This Week


Timini Egbuson is an Actor, a Voice Over Artist, Presenter, MC and all round TV personality who came into limelight through MTV’s Shuga and has since gone on to act in several films and series like Ebony Life’s Fifty, and has been slated for the new season of Skinny Girl In Transit. 

Timini has risen fast in his career and was recently announced as a guest host for the new season of Ebony Life’s The Spot show, a position he would be replacing Ebuka Obi Uchendu on.


We got around to asking him the five things he’s loving right now and this is what he had to say:

Indonesian Oud Ermenegildo Zegna


I blind bought this at the mall the other day and it is one of the best things I have smelt in a long time. It is actually a very well balanced unpretentious and quietly confident oud scent. I like it a lot, because it has a lot of depth and a complex character – it is a woody scent, but it doesn’t give you that overwhelming/overpowering raw scent that most oud scents tend to give and mainly because its a sillage monster; literally lasts forever.

Fratres Clothing


I wore a Fratres suit for an occasion recently and I have gotten calls all week from people asking about them. Fratres doesn’t just specialize in suits but in all sorts of upscale menswear, including blazers, pants and dress shirts and even accessories like cufflinks, ties and belts. It’s very refreshing to know that there is a store here in Lagos that you can easily walk into and walk out on the same day with a 99.9% perfect suit without breaking the bank.

Runtown’s Mad Over You


I must have listened to this song a million times this week, no jokes (okay maybe I exaggerated a bit but you get my point). The annoying thing about my obsession with this song is that I can’t really place my hand on the exact thing that makes it such a mad jam. I can tell you for a fact that people on my Snapchat are frustrated because of the way that I have listened to this song.

The Spot


I am a guest host for this season of this laid back unconventional talk show that shows exclusively on Ebonylife TV and I had so much fun shooting the episodes with Zainab Balogun and Lamide Akintobi. New episodes air on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and its always exciting for me to watch with family and just basically re-live the loft experience, you should too.

Four Cousins Red Wine


This bottle right here has helped me through some tough nights these past few days. I’m normally a Cognac drinker but there is something really special about Four Cousins (apart from the fact that it is relatively cheap). I taste flavours of ripe plums and some strawberries, but what do I really know about wine? My own work here is to drink and enjoy the great taste.







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