10 Tips On Creating A Unique Wedding Hashtag


Apart from a good caterer, a proper DJ and a carefully selected MC (‘carefully selected’ because many people erroneously believe any comedian can pass for MC), one aspect of weddings that has become increasingly relevant in recent times is the wedding hashtag.


Whether you like it or not, wedding hashtags are here to stay and they are not so bad afterall, considering the fact that with them, you get to see your wedding through your guests’ eyes. However, creating your own unique wedding hashtag can be so difficult that you might want to resign to one that might get lost in the very many hashtags of Instagram social media.


To this effect, I did a research on tips that will help you generate a clever and memorable wedding hashtag. Enjoy!

Mashup Your Names

Remember how your friends jokingly mashed up your name and your significant other’s? Yeah, consider that. Mashing up first, last or nick names will help ensure there is only one hashtag for your wedding.

Stay Away From Hashtags That Can Be Mispelled

Instead of #AdaandDike, use #DikeAndAda. It’s really that simple.

Be Punny

My friend, whose name is Love chose the hashtag, #LoveIsGettingMarried. Brilliant, right?



Capitalize the First Letter Of Each Word

This will aid readability so that your guests get the pun/joke.


Set Your Hashtag Apart With Numbers

For example, instead of #TSquared, you could use #Tsquared365


Add ‘Wedding Words’

Wedding words like hitch, love, happily ever after, newlyweds will also make your hashtag stand out.


Avoid Symbols & Spaces

A good (wedding) hashtag  consists of any combination of the 26 letters of the alphabet and numbers. Symbols or spaces will cut the hashtag.

Do Not Use Long Hashtags



Make Sure You Are Not Hijacking Another Person’s Hashtag

Check the internet to make sure the hashtag has not been used for another wedding. Switch yours up by a letter or number so that yours differs slightly.

Spread The Word


When you eventually create your hashtag, start spreading word about it to your friends and family. It’s important to let them know just so that there would not be more than one hashtag. It is quite easy to mix up hashtags, for example #CHOBS2016 can easily be confused as #CHOBS16 or even #CHOBS and although all three hashtags were probably for the same wedding, it’d be easier to search for just one instead of all three.

In addition, put your wedding hashtag every where possible on your wedding IV, on your wedding website and very importantly, on the food menu!

If after trying these tips, you are still clueless, try using this wedding hashtag generator, here.







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