To Be Sexy Or To Be Healthy?


The other day, I was randomly having conversations with a couple of people and the fact that I go to the gym came up. Very often, when I tell people I go to the gym the next question usually is “Why?”. Initially, I used to be coy and went on about how I wasn’t trying to lose weight but just be healthy and all that shebang which really isn’t true. I mean I care about my health but not enough to go to the gym for it (at least not at the moment).

Anyways, I recently decided to be more honest about the reason I hang by the bar and without thinking about it I said “this body isn’t going to sculpt itself, will it?”. I got those weird ‘no one says things like that’ looks but I shrugged it off. However, I started thinking about it; why do people really go to the gym? It can’t all be because of healthy reasons because I see a lot of people who gym but still carry out very harmful life practices.

While I don’t bash anyone for their healthy reasons, I thought it was important to share my motivation story so other people like me can have someone they can relate to.

For the longest time, I’ve always been weight conscious and very particular about my size and how I looked. I never wanted to be big and I’ve always thought a bigger me wasn’t sexy… I still think so. My issue wasn’t in anyway tied to being healthy just that growing up, ‘skinny was sexy’ and I wanted to be sexy; the total package. And what this usually included was me starving myself when I felt I was getting bigger, investing in shapewear so my body looked peng even though it was impossible for anyone to hug me because of how hard they are.

While this mindset still remained, my approach changed about 3 years ago when I registered at a gym and hired a personal trainer. I became a lot more deliberate about my approach to getting my desired look and this included doing exercises and eating right, and I started seeing results. Honestly, when vanity is the reason for working out, it becomes easier for you to find and keep your motivation levels up because there’s this thing you feel when someone notices how banging you look (trust me).

The gym also taught me that sexy affects the mind, there’s a whole level of confidence it brings because these days I can literally go out with anything and feel like the I’m totally badass. You also get stronger which makes you even more badass and the cool part is most times people underrate you because you have an apple bottom booty and think you’re just soft.

At the moment, I go to the gym between 3-4 times per week and my routine consists of aerobics, weightlifting, squats, yoga, some abs and more squats because this ass isn’t going to get round by itself. I also follow a lot of people I think are sexy like Khloe Kardashian and Brittany Renner to remind my of my goals when I’m slipping off.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you’re doing it to be sexy or to be healthy, as long as you’re seeing the results you desire, then you’re good.

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  1. Lovely post, I totally agree with your conclusion although I think motivation is what fuels the drive, for me at the moment I work out just to keep my health in check (even tho I’m just 21). Consistency also is mandatory!


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