To Squat or Not To Squat?


There is a bizarre myth that squats make your booty’hard! I don’t even know why someone would start such an absurd rumour. If you don’t already know by now let me be the first to tell you, SQUATS DO NOT MAKE YOUR BUM HARD!

I have always had a fuller than most backside but ever since I changed to a lifestyle of eating clean and training hard/dirty, squats have been my ‘bestest’ friend.

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When I started my weight loss journey towards the end of 2012 my number one fear was I didn’t want to lose my bum and it was actually the only reason I refused to change my diet. That is until I discovered squats. I googled and asked all kinds of trainers how true it was that squats would help me maintain my booty with the weight loss and they assured me it would so I begun and completely changed my lifestyle keeping in the back of my mind that if my bum started to disappear I’d just start eating again!

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Squats have helped me maintain, lift and sculpt my booty and it can definitely help you too as it helps to tone and firm your gluteus maximus (booty!). So if you’re that girl that thinks I have no bum then you should make squats your daily bread, it can do exactly the same for you! It helps, like with my friend and client Seyitan; she had no booty before I introduced her to squats, now she does!

Remember, as with every exercise, it is very important to have great form, especially with squats as doing squats incorrectly can cause knee problems and nobody wants that. When doing squats make sure your lower half is at a ninety degree angle and that your knees do not go over your toes at any point. Go ahead try it! Make squats your best friend and watch the results (and compliments) come in.


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I promise you’ll love it!



Images – Tajé


    • The booty muscle will be firmer but it will not look or feel hard like biceps as they are two different types of muscle. it will be lifted and sculpted, (a perfect booty) so a hard booty is not an isuue. 🙂


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