Tomi In Gambia – My Top 5 Must Eat Foods


I would be lying if I said I’m not a foodie. If you know me this isn’t news and for those who don’t, now you do.  So for this trip i decided to play a little bit with my taste buds and experience the most popular foods in The Gambia. Here are my top 5 must try food and drinks when in The Gambia.

First on my list has to be the chicken yassa.

Chicken Yassa

This was the first Gambian meal I had while. It is very heavy on spices (salty to be honest) and not so much pepper and served with white rice or chips. There is also fish yassa.  I had mine with rice. It tasted really good the first time but the next time I tried it, I think something went wrong so I believed it was hunger that overcame my taste buds the first time but this is a must have in the Gambia. It is one of the most popular foods there.


My second has to be the wonjo drink. 


I’m sure most of you are familiar with the drink zobo, (made from hibiscus and also known as sorrel). It basically tastes the same but a little bit sour. It has a dark purple look and its best drunk when cold.


Third on my list is the domoda aka peanut butter soup.

domodo- peanut butter stew

This you can have with rice or swallow (fufu, pounded yam etc). I didn’t actually taste this because I don’t like peanut butter and hearing that turned me off it but my mum insisted on this being on my list. If you come across this anytime don’t hesitate to try it.


Number four is called ebbeh.


I was so scared of this soup. It looked so weird and horrific, but again, I had to try it and had my brother push it into my mouth (which he was happy to do!). You can have it with fish or crab, your choice. That’s a crab in the bowl. It tasted like some sort of fish soup.


Last but not least, kabba.



This isn’t food per say it’s a fruit. A very dirty fruit on the outside but super moist and salty on the inside. You don’t eat the body, only the insides. I had to close my eyes to try this, it looks so dirty on the outside, ugh. I called it an “ormangwava” after trying it cause it tasted so much like an orange, guava and mango.


Have you tried any interesting food in The Gambia? Do share!




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