Trend Alert: Bandanas like Bandededeng!


Lol, I just couldn’t resist that one. But seriously though, I hope you still have yours from 2001 maybe.

Bandanas as far as I can remember was a major fashion accessory and right now that ‘was’ just changed to ‘is’. Yes people, they’re back, like bandededeng!


We probably loved them so much back then because they seemed so bad ass, I mean when I picture a bandana the first thing that comes to mind is 2pac Shakur in the red bandana bow.

But now its gangster, bad ass and style all in one, now who wouldn’t want that one.

From wearing it as a bow or ordinary scarf, to a necktie, or even a belt cum pouch, the bandana is fashions revamped baby and much loved.


Yhup, the trend is being picked up faster than superman’s flight hormone comes up at the sight of Kryptonite. So go go cop yours and get your stylish badassery on!




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