Trend Alert: The beret


The beret is making a big comeback in fashion this season, as if the fanny pack, bandanna and  mom jeans from that era weren’t enough. But no one is really complaining right?

Perhaps it started with Rihanna’s leather trench and beret outfit in Paris, then Rita Ora’s anarchic black one, to Bella Hadid and now Naija’s very own Ebuka Uchendu with his stripped shirt, wine pants and black beret that was all the rave that week.

Whatever the cause may be, only one thing is apparent, yes, the beret is having a moment that might very well soon become a movement.

One feature I really like about the beret is it can go with the flow, you could wear it with a casual outfit and it would work or a work outfit and it won’t be weird, plus like its counter part the bandana, it gives off a certain ‘don’t mess with me’ vibe.

For all we know the beret may be having more than just a moment, maybe more like a movement after all.


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