Trend Alert: Cinched waist!


A cinched waist has almost always been a nod toward feminism, I remember when wide belts a.k.a abortion belts were just the thing to have and everywhere you looked whether church, street style or even the red carpet several wide belts weren’t too far away.

But in recent times, especially since the emergence of fashion figures who are gradually dimming the line between what should be considered ‘masculine’ or ‘feminine’, a cinched waist has become free for all.

Now it wouldn’t be strange to see a stylish man wearing a jacket with a belt cinched waist over it.

But the ladies were not letting it go without a fight, thus after a long meeting (which actually doesn’t ever happen), lol, we decided that cinched waist should come back bigger and better with corset belts. Yhup, it is so on!

    Seems like we are going to be holding our breaths for much longer.


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