Trend alert: Dresses over pants!


My mother’s favorite outfit till date is her  2 piece embroidered Danshiki and matching skirt(it would be pants if she liked pants), and as far back as I can remember it’s her go to style whenever her tailor doesn’t suggest a style she likes. I thought the style was neat and wasn’t particularly interested till quite recently.

If your street style is up to par then get in here! As far as street style go, this dress over pants thingy is getting to my top 10.

I think this love developed when I saw Lisa the stylista (lol) in the green floral Balenciaga dress and jeans and I was a goner.

Prior to this if you had asked me what my opinion was on dresses over pants; I probably would have thought of my mum and said it’s ok for older women, and then imagined the annoying site of young ladies in that dress that’s actually a top, with 2 slits at the left and right side each from the waist downward and said maybe it’s not for me. But right now it’s the next look I’m itching to try.

This look is stylish, very loose therefore easy breezy and really chic.


Hope the above looks inspire you to try it, I know I would.


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