Unconventional Wedding Guest


*SCREAMING* Happy New Yearrrrrr.. Am I the only one who hasn’t quite gotten into this whole New Year vibe?… Think it is going to take me much longer than I thought to be fully in 2018..

Before the year ended I got to attend a family members wedding, I had such a good time, didn’t even think I could have that much fun, It was nice to catch up and hang out with people who have known me since I was toddler and have them remind me at every chance they got how I have grown, and asking the usual ‘When Are You Getting Married? or the ‘Derin when are going to put on some weight? LOL.

They decided to pick out an aso ebi (General fabric) for everyone to wear, and if you know me, you know I don’t really like them much but in this case I didn’t have a choice. This is the style I came up with…

Worked with two and a half yards and was able to create this beauty, I actually shouldn’t take all the credit, because it took an amazing designer to bring it to life, but honestly wasn’t expecting this much gorgeousness when I imagined it.

Think I am also going to try new dress lengths, apparently I am very predictable with that. Wore my nude pumps because they go with anything and everything..

What do you guys think? Is this something you would wear? I get asked alot about accessories, the thing I am not into them, so most times you guys guys would see both my neck and ears bare.

Have a good weekend everyone and remember to tell your friends to check out my blog on www.derinfromisaleeko.com even though I haven’t been posting lately.

Outfit Details ~

Dress – @ayabaofficial

Shoes –  @louboutinworld

Hair – @hikkyshair

Purse – @zashadu



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