Vendors Who Stood Out For Me At Mente De Moda’s July Edition


The July edition of Mente De Moda was as live as the June Bug edition last month. Trust Lagosians to head out and take advantage of affordable shopping, sales and a wide array of everything in the same space. 

I was excited to attend this month’s shopping gig, given the fun I had at the last one and I was even more excited to see the vendors and what they had to offer.

Not long after I got to Mente, it started to drizzle. One would think people would be bothered by the rain and run looking for shelter, but they seemed to get around their shopping, sipping and networking just fine which made it more fun.

After perusing the stalls,  checking out various vendors, asking a few things about their products while noting the ones who stood out for me, I came to a conclusion as I was excited after my list was done.

Here are some vendors who stood out for me

Soul Orange Vintage



This store was absolutely amazing, it was as though I had died and gone to Vintage heaven. My favourite part was when I saw her ready-to-wear looks and it just looked like her head is in the right place fashion wise and with the number of people that trooped in, she was definitely doing something right. Her vintage clothes retail for three thousand Naira and above, and with eight thousand you can get yourself something nice from her ready-to-wear.


87 Origins



I love the simplicity this store offers. I had walked past the store a million times and every time I did, my eyes caught something on the rack or a shirt I would definitely buy for someone I like. My fave are the bishop collared shirts and hats, they speak volumes regarding modern fashion.


Aroma Gold



I love everything scented and this store had it in fragrances,incense and more. The best part is how you can get to mix your own signature scent and retain the autonomous decision to smell different.  They also come in luxurious packages that just makes you want to take her entire store home.


Y’ray Designs


I have a terrible craving for African prints bags, when I came across this store, I knew they were getting on my list. We talked prices and it was amazing how affordable they were, which just made my love them much more. My fave are the smaller bags because my weekend outings would never be complete if I don’t have them hanging on my shoulder.


I look forward to next month’s edition!





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