Vintage Lagos – A Retrospective Fashion Documentary By Akin Faminu 2


Beyond edgy suits and classic architecture, let’s take it a step further guys, let’s involve the fabric, the styling and the details even more, let’s create a connection, let’s make it thoroughly African!


It’s no news that African fabric is evolving, especially because they are both traditional and contemporary. Traditional – because they’ve been sold in African markets since the industrial revolution and many of the original designs are still popular today and Contemporary – because today’s designers are creating new patterns and styles to reflect modern tastes, as well as putting a contemporary spin on traditional designs.


My outfit for this editorial is exactly that, traditional with a contemporary spin, which in turn is very appropriate for this documentary. Tailored and styled to infuse a contemporary vibe into the vintage Lagos scenery.



As much as there are skylines and big beautiful buildings in Lagos, which give an amazing scenery for fashion photography actually, Lagos is also blessed with amazing vintage scenery with so much art embodied, and showing this art with an infusion of style is the purpose of this series.


They might be places we drive past everyday, or maybe they’re the ones we see once in a while, sometimes, we just have to stop for a second to appreciate the aesthetics.


A city that we have to learn to love in spite of itself. A city blessed with dynamic cultures and the spirit of it’s people, and vibrant with color and with opportunities.


The images in this editorial represents a facet of retrospective Lagos culture and style, from the Edgy Outfit by San Brnks to the Distinct Vintage Scenery and Photography by Manny Jefferson


Thank you so much for reading guys .. I do hope you appreciate the aesthetics as much as I do


Have the best day and God bless you ❤️








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