Vintage Trends Rocking 2017


Fashion trends I’ll say go on vacation from time to time, or at different intervals, and make a come-back after a while of being out of the scene. Vintage clothing, i.e clothes from the past between 1920s – 1990s, have always happened to create cycles for themselves and by so doing become vintage trends. So remember those old granny jeans, boot-cut pants, or prints you’ve had like forever, my advise to you, would be to keep it stored up in your wardrobe. It just might become a vintage trend tomorrow.

So having come to the end of the first half of the year, here are a couple of trends rocking 2017 so far:


Bell sleeves, drum mouth sleeves, trumpet sleeves, or however you refer to them are a trend from the past that has come back to rock our world. Little wonder a lot of ladies have been styling their clothing this way, some even style their trouser pants this way too, and guess what, they absolutely nail it.bell sleeves

bell sleeves

Just incase you actually don’t have a name to it, no qualms at all. Just show your stylist these pictures and they’ll fix you up.


Even little Blue Ivy can be seen rocking this hot trend, of which Gucci seems to be the leader of the park. They also come on shoes, bags and any other accessory that can be printed on. These trend is seriously rocking 2017, so don’t get left behind, you’ve been told.Blue ivy



These trendy tees go with blazers, jackets, corporate pants, denim, and also on skirts. The catch is to have the name of an old band printed on the tee… that actually gives it the vintage theme. So don’t go rocking a “Life Is Eazi” printed tee, thinking it’s vintage.vintage tees vintage teesvintage tees


Hmmmn, now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean your bathroom robes. Don’t wear your bathroom robes out, because if you so happen to be in Lagos and you’re caught, “Yaba Left” isn’t so far away. These are carefully styled garments (for ladies) and slippers (unisex), designed for classy outings to; dinner, brunch, cocktail events etc.maxi robestom ford slippers


These just seem to go back and forth in fashion , and would always make you seem glam and stand out. With patches and in some cases not entirely completed hems. I’m sure you already have an idea of what I’m talking about. denimsdenims


Last but not the least, we have camisoles strictly for the ladies. These seems to go with casual, formal and any other look. The perfect come-back chameleon blend for all seasons.camisole

That’s all folks, we’ll keep you on par as we unravel these vintage trends.




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