The Voice Naija style story


The Voice Nigeria competition is one that has come to be a favorite on the screen of many Nigerian homes, the reason could be because of the talent and showmanship by competitors, or for others to root for, and watch their favorite contestants or even hear the judges opinions and learn a thing or two about their craft.

Another thing to look out for is the fashion, every week since the show kicked off we expect the show’s hosts and judges to give us goals and have they so far?

The host of the show Ik Osakioduwa and Stephanie Coker have been doing a good job of hosting of which an integral part is looking stylish, usually this is the job of a stylist but from all their post there isn’t one apparently, so we’ll assume that they style themselves.


Stephanie’s style game on the show has been a hit back to back, from the first when she wore a Fashpa green print blouse and beige pants to the most recent silver fringe number by Gert Johan Coertzee.


IK’s usual style is chilled and laid back, like he just wakes up, strolls to the wardrobe and throws on the first outfit he thinks looks okay. His outfits for hosting have not followed the same pattern however, as he’s transformed into an IK version of a classic man.


Timi is a stylish man so his choices for judging on the show were stylish as expected, so far my favorites looks by him are on this show.


Waje seems to be the only one with a stylist, at least according to their posts and she looks good because she’s a great looking woman. Though I must say that these are not her best looks as she has most definitely looked better, they are reasonable choices non-the-less.


Seems like the lives of the contestants aren’t the only thing being transformed on the show, as the style of the judges are too. Yemi’s signature dramatic style was a little cooler this time. Gone were the ankara trains and exaggerated collars that always remind me of Muma Gee, and in came the chic suits, and dresses like everybody else but with a wee bit of Yemi drama. Hopefully after the show she gets to put her energy into these outfits with the right stylist. As much as I like to see her looking all chic and stylish the ‘right’ tinge of drama is always a good thing.


Like Timi, Patoranking has his own special sense of style that usually has him mixing up the hip and the funky with the free spirit Rasta, YO MAN! Lol. The show saw a more traditional side




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