The Voice Nigeria: Should Patoranking be a Judge?


I’ve been really unsure as to whether I wanted to write this article or not, as a part of me feels it’s belittling or hating on Patoranking’s achievements which in all honesty isn’t. I’m not just that type of girl, I’m all for celebrating people and what not. However, I do strongly belief that Patoranking is not ready to be a judge…at least not right now and I have reasons.

I watch The Voice all the time and I love it for the one reason everyone does; listening to people with amazing voices do covers of the songs we love. Safe to say, since I was already in some sort of relationship with the show, it didn’t take much convincing to watch The Voice Nigeria plus I heard there were some amazing singers on it. However beyond the contestants, I did (and still do) feel that the judges of The Voice Nigeria are constantly doing the most…they are very extra in a way that my extra self feels is extra.

Regardless, my focus today isn’t on the whole lot but on Patoranking. No, I don’t think Patoranking is the worst judge on the show but he’s the only one I care about enough to put my thoughts in writing for.

I like Patoranking and even used to have a crush on him at some point (don’t ask me why). He’s absolutely cool and I’m here for the way he dresses and his “ridiculous” catchphrases.  Notice how he actually casually uses his leg to hit that red button , he’s the complete swag daddy.  But I don’t know….I watched Patoranking in Season 1 and seeing him in Season 2, I feel like he’s just a bit off. If you pay close attention you can see it when he’s either trying to contemplate between hitting his red button or not, giving advice to the contestants or even when he’s trying to pitch a contestant to be on his team. Like I said, the judges are darn extra especially with their pitches but at least they try to ensure they provide constructive criticism to the contestants but Pato…breeze

To be fair at the beginning of Season 2 I felt he got a better hang of this judge thing but after about the 4th performance in episode 1, I saw him sinking again with his now so regular confusing ‘should I hit my button’ moments like the one he had with Favour Koroma.

He did it again with Ifeoma Onu, I mean he turned around in the end but in his speech his like ‘you caught me towards the end’ and I was looking around like “really???”.

Another thing that really ticked me was when he wasn’t sure if he should hit his button during Nengi’s performance so he asked Yemi to turn around instead ‍♀.

No doubt, there are times I’ve really loved him especially those moments he isn’t necessarily waiting for the other judges, trying to gauge their perception of the contestants but just feeling the music as it is and trusting his decisions.  One of those was during Afolayan Adeleke’s audition and his comeback for Yemi Alade was mad, I was in my chair like YASSSSSSSSS!!!

Personally I think Patoranking is successful and definitely has knowledge to share with young artists, however, he should be a mentor not a judge. As a mentor he’ll be available to advise the contestants at each stage of the show because he’ll ultimately be more relatable than the judges plus the girls love him aye. Think about it like the way John Legend is to Team Adam, DJ Khaled to Pharrell, Celine Dion to Gwen and Luke Bryan to Blake Shelton.

This is my 2 cents, but what do you think; should Patoranking be a judge on The Voice Nigeria??


  1. Hahahaaa.. I agree with you! Completely. The judges are too “you -knoww”!! too “errrhhhhhhh” .. Issit the part PATO turns immediately Yemi Alade tells him to.. OR when they judges keep going “I like her voice, I like his voice” but they’ll not turn o.. or Pato’s rambling after Olanrewaju Omowa’s performance . Choiii.. Pls I kent even start..

  2. I totally agree with you, from last season i felt like 2face and patoranking were a little out of place (i love 2face by the way,i am a huge fan), but then again the Voice is about singing and music, and i could understand that the Judges cut across all genres of music and voice. Patoranking’s indecisiveness may be more about his personality, i mean a lot of people are really indecisive in reality. It could also be because his sound and music is different, hence he relates to a particular type of singing ( see his selection from last season and this season).


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