Wardrobe essential: Pastel suit


Every stylish man knows that one of the top 5 things to have in your closet is a suit, and now it’s not just stylish men thinking this but stylish women too.

You probably already have one lurking in your closet right now in dark tones like navy blue, black or brown for work mode but do you have one to soothe your stylish feminine soul?

The pastel suit is just the right solution to that. There are a lot of ways to wear them, business casual, business, red carpet, athleisure,  you could practically put it on for any event and it goes.

The pastel suit set is just as essential as the white shirt or any other wardrobe staple at the moment.

Ok ladies now let’s get in formation, and prove to me you’ve got some risqué persona, get the pastel suit and slay.


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