Wardrobe Essentials: Cutoffs




Cutoffs are essential for this season and a whole lotta others. I’m talking about pants, denim pants mostly with frayed hems.

Perhaps we are still recovering from the great hit ripped jeans caused but this new form in frayed hems are everything.

It could be pallazos or straight pencil jeans, boyfriend jeans or mum jeans, the frayed edges are essential right now. Why? I have absolutely no idea but what I do know is that they are ultra cool, chic and not for the style faint-hearted.

It’s perfectly suited for everyday run-ins and of course incredibly stylish. When a stylish person looks at your pants and see frayed bottoms, well expect the nod of brothers or sisters in cutoffs, *wink*.

They could kick your really casual t-shirt and jeans up a notch to chic casual. Whether its with heeled shoes, sneakers, ballet flats or sandals, it’s still cool.

You’re not looking to shop again on this months budget? Not to worry as you’re still covered, the frayed hems are totally doable by you, yhup. Just pick up an old pair get your scissors and start fraying, but If you can’t or haven’t tried it before, watch easy DIY vidoes for step by step methods. Its really easy.

 Sister girl, Cutoffs or jeans with frayed hems are an essential item for your wardrobe, so go cop yours now!



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