What to Wear to The Wedding Party 2: Smokey Eyes


We’ve spoken about what to wear to the premiere of The Wedding Party 2 but it’s safe to say your outfit isn’t only made of clothes; makeup, accessories, your hair-do and the likes add up to give you the perfect look and today we’re talking makeup.

The perfect Arabian Night makeup look is a bronzed out skin and bold, smokey eyes. Usually we’re told to pair down our smokey eyes with nude lips but when thinking of slaying the Arabian ways, you can go either way. The key is to make sure your eyes and skin game are on 100. Your eyes have to be really dramatic and your skin needs to glow.

Here are some of my favourite Arabian Night inspired makeup looks;

Mimi Onalaja

The Wedding Party 2

You can also watch these videos to nail your smokey eye look:




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