What to Wear: The Wedding Party 2 Premiere


We’re counting down to the premiere of The Wedding Party 2 and one of the most exciting things about it is, guests have to play dress up. Drawing inspiration from the movie destination, the theme for the premiere is Arabian Nights. 

The thing with themed events is though the thought of them is super exciting, you more often than not need to figure out what to wear that’ll ensure you look all so amazing and that you’re keeping to the party theme.

Two things you should note while trying to get the perfect outfit for this is; you’ll need  a lot jewerlly to stand out and yes, you can definitely go big.

See outfit inspiration below;

Mimi Onalaja Arabian Nights Outfit Inspo Wedding Party 2 Outfit Inspo Arabian Fashion Arabian Fashion Men Rihanna Wedding Party 2 Outfit Inspiration Men Arabian Fashion Arabian Fashion The Wedding Party 2 Outfit Inspiration Wedding Party 2 Outfit Inspiration What to wear Arabian Nights


    • Sure as I have seen two dresses up there that are similar to what celebs wore. Mtchewww then u ve written another article title hits and misses. U Mike palava


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