Wedding Souvenirs That Your Guests Will Actually Appreciate


Wedding souvenirs are a big deal in these parts, although I still do not understand why people fight over them or get offended when they do not get any. I mean, after eating free small chops, jollof rice et al and most likely without bringing the couple a gift, why my people?


Anyway, since giving wedding souvenirs have become an obligation one must fulfill in order not to incur the wrath of guests, we might as well share iphones do it right.

Also, after writing about wedding gifts that no longer belong in this age, it is only right I write about souvenirs that should be given to only exes, especially because it’s a new year.

In making plans for wedding souvenirs to give, a major factor to consider is whether your guests will actually keep them. Giving guests wedding souvenirs that will end up in their trash can or even right at the reception venue makes no sense. It’s waste of your own money anyway, and that is enough reason to reconsider your options.

Buckets, mops, mugs, breakable plates, trays, hand fans, jotters and many others have paid their dues. In my opinion, they should no longer be given as souvenirs. Instead, think practical favors like:



Ankara fabric is trendier than ever before. Guests (like me) would appreciate this as souvenir and you do not have to give all 6 yards. You could give each guest 2 yards or even sew them into something.


Luggage Tags


These are perfect for guests at destination weddings.

Donations To Charity


Placing a card on every table explaining that instead of sharing souvenirs, you chose to donate money to a charity that has a lot of significance for you and your spouse is a unique and thoughtful gift.



This is also great when people have to travel far for a destination wedding. It will save guests the money of having to buy a souvenir on their own, while being able to savor the memory of your wedding and the destination.

Recipes/Recipe Books


Imagine if that one friend that makes great chicken wings shares the recipe at her wedding?! Or your chef friend making compiling their favorite recipes into a book and sharing at their wedding. There is no greater love than this, tbh.


Hangover Kits


Think gatorade, painkillers and eye mask in one cute pack. They will very likely come in handy and your guests will love you for it! Imodium is also a good idea, just incase one falls out with their stomach.

Flip Flops


With a good DJ, your guests will definitely be throwing off their heels in no time! That’s where the flip flops come in.



Tote bags are stylish, durable and useful. One of my favorite souvenirs fro the past year is an ankara tote from my friend, Izi’s wedding.



Lots of people are leaning towards a healthy lifestyle, so giving coconut oil or olive oil as wedding souvenirs would be a nice idea.



Wedding in Jos or up north? These would be perfect. Guests like me with zero threshold for cold would also appreciate this.



Spices have a place in every kitchen or pantry and automatically every stomach and heart. Spare a moment to think about how many days fasting and prayers you would do for a couple that shares Dooney’s Kitchen’s Yajichurri?!

Lip Balm


One can never really get enough of lip balms. Their size makes them easy to carry around and keep your lips moisturized all day.


Jam, Jelly Or Honey


Apart from having a long shelf  life, they are also a great way to say thank you to your guests.

Card Holders


In a cashless (literally) society like ours, card holders would make for good wedding souvenirs.

Water Bottles


Water is life, so I guess it would be safe to say that many people would value a water bottle as wedding souvenir.

I hope you find these ideas helpful and budget-friendly.


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Owgee (Oghogho Omorotionmwan) holds a Bachelors degree in Geology and is a self-acclaimed Masters holder in Pidgin English. You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.




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