What Shoes Should You Be Wearing?


“Show me your shoes and I’ll tell you how great you are”, ever heard of that saying? neither have we…lol, but don’t get it twisted, shoes go a long way to defining your taste as a man.shoes

We would be showing you shoes that shouldn’t be missing from your shoe-rack, which suits any occasion. Let’s get to it;



Fine leather shoes with a plain cap, also referred to as “Lace-ups”, I refer to them as interview shoes as they’re well suited for corporate environment and worn with mostly formal wear. shoes



Also known as “wingtip”, brogues come in different types. We have the full brogues, semi-brogues, the quarter-brogue, and the wing brogues. The major difference between this and an oxford is the “W” like top and it’s detailing. They’re a classic pair, and it’s in trend. The most amazing thing about it, is it’s versatility. Can be worn on any form of dressing, or to any occasion.




These are in-between formal and sporty, also known as slip-ons. They are key for casual looks, with shorts, jeans. Can also be used on any occasion, except suits.shoe-rack




Comes in different shapes and colours, casual shoes that also go well with stylish outfits. Very comfy to move in too, gives you the young fresh look. These are a trend, anytime of the year.shoe-rack



Sandals, come in a variety of styles. A pair of sandals are very durable, and gives your feet the opportunity to breathe. Great for picnics, casual evening dinner, casual looks, and for us here in Africa, it’s great with our native/African print materials too.shoe-rack


Pam Slippers

Last but not the least, are the pam slippers. Lovely things, these are great with casuals, and native attires. They provide you the comfort and ease wherever. Your shoe-rack won’t be complete without one of these.shoe-rack

Take a scan of your shoes, and fill in as appropriate. Have these been useful? let us know.

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