What Were They Thinking – Glitter Beards


I was perusing the Internet, searching for inspiration, when I stumbled upon this glitter beard trend and it was mind-blowing how seriously people have taken it as I for one can’t comprehend the idea behind shimmering up the beard.

A part of me thought it was the Christmas frenzy, but then I realized they have been around long before the holiday bells.  They get props for creativity and innovation but looking at them all I want to ask is What were they thinking????

They even have an Instagram account dedicated to the trend which is  beyond hysterical!

Take a look at the different looks, who knows! It might  inspire some Christmas decorations.


glitter beard 3

glitter beard 2

glitter beard 1

Glitter beard

glitter beard 6

glitter beard 5

glitter beard 4

glitter beard 10

glitter beard 9

glitter beard 8

glitter beard 7




Image Credit: Instagram.com (@glitterbeards)




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