What’s Trending – Patchwork Denim, Kitten Heels, Mom Jeans & More


Every year we get to experience something new in fashion. Although the trends might be recycled for the past years, but what matters is that we get to rock them allover again in spectacular ways.

Although trends like the kitten heels, jeans with patches, mom jeans and more started mid last year, I can gladly say that they are still here to stay and we are loving it even more.

Patchwork Denim

Jeans with patches


Back in the day, it was only kids that were allowed to rock these kind of jeans as every adult felt it was a little bit childish. Today reverse is the case. Every fashionable adult wants a pair or two hanging in their wardrobe.

Mom Jeans 


Mom jeans kendall

It’s amazing how people who grew up in the 20’s consider this form of fashion ugly. Look at us now, anyone who doesn’t have a pair of mom jeans in the closet isn’t as fashionable as they thought.

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels

Kitten heelss

As they years go by we seem to resort to things of the 80’s. Gradually we are ditching the 6 inches heels and going for the classy, proper kitten heels that sure give you are vintage vibe.

High Waist Jean Skirts

High waist jean skirt

High waist jean skirts


Oh yes! The high waist jeans skirts are back and are more fashionable. Trending like no other, ladies are in love with the whole retro feel of today’s fashion.




Berets are trending nowadays. Ladies and gents use them in different ways. Paired with formal or casual wears, the beret still remains a staple.


There you have it folks, these are some of the things trending at the moment.


Images – www.fashionbombdaily.com, www.instagram.com


Nikki Anyansi is a music head who loves to write but doesn’t read books that are 300 pages long. She loves to tell her style story through her Instagram page, by sticking to her originally. She can literally hate you for killing pets but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t eat animals.  You can keep up with her on Instagram @nikkiandteesor bore yourself with her once a week tweets on Twitter@nikkiandtees






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