Lanre Da Silva Ajayi Makes An Artistic Statement With Its Spring Summer 2017 Lookbook


Fashion label Lanre Da Silva Ajayi releases her spring summer 2017 collection tagged Artistic Statement. Said to be inspired by her love for art, Lanre explored an artistry imagery through fashion by collaborating with renowned artist Ayoola Gbolahan. 

In the accompanying note, she says this;

From the onset, I visualised an artistic imagery which prompted me to work alongside renowned artist Ayoola Gbolahan who brought my creative thoughts to life. The beauty of imagination is limitless. I could see and analyse the feelings they would evoke in every woman. The feeling of not just pride alone but of strength and renowned dignity”.

Ayoola Gbolahan also says –

Everything is a symbol with meanings. Images don’t just appear in my work as random decorative patterns alone. There’s a thought behind everything, a purpose to communicate”.

The collection features an array of bold, spontaneous and classy pieces created with velvet, silk, organza and more. There were jumpsuits, pants, fluffy dresses and skirts with artistic details on them.

All the pieces are modern, sophisticated & artsy and are a must have for every luxurious lady out there.





Lanre-Dasilva-Ajayi-ss-2017-collection-lookbook 1

Lanre-Dasilva-Ajayi-ss-2017-collection-lookbook 2

Lanre-Dasilva-Ajayi-ss-2017-collection-lookbook 4

Lanre-Dasilva-Ajayi-ss-2017-collection-lookbook 5

Lanre-Dasilva-Ajayi-ss-2017-collection-lookbook 7

Lanre-Dasilva-Ajayi-ss-2017-collection-lookbook 8

Lanre-Dasilva-Ajayi-ss-2017-collection-lookbook 9


Lanre-Dasilva-Ajayi-ss-2017-collection-lookbook 6

Lanre-Dasilva-Ajayi-ss-2017-collection-lookbook 3



Models: Beth Models Africa

Photographer: Ademola Odusami

Makeup: Zaron Cosmetics

Styling/Art Direction: The Style Concierge

Clothing: Lanre DaSilva Ajayi


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