The ‘A**’ word: Someone should have sent Munroe Bergdof the memo


What’s this ‘A**’ word you ask, who is Munroe Bergdof and why did she need to get a  memo?

Lets start with Introductions, shall we. Munroe Bergdof is a Jamaican transgender model, Dj and activist who until August was the  first transgender face of L’oreal, haha who are my kidding, up until? She was fired a week after she was hired so the word up until doesn’t cut it.

Now as to why she needed to get a memo and what the A** word is, I can definitely assure you that it’s not a swear word but was considered highly inappropriate by her employers, Lóreal and that’s the memo she should’ve gotten.

This highly important word is ‘All’, Munroe wrote a statement on Facebook after  the Charlottesville attacks that read as follows:

” Honestly I don’t have the energy to talk about the racial violence of white people anymore. Yes, ALL white people.”

Soon after this statement and the uproar of offended white folks everywhere, she was dropped faster than hot puff puff.

I am not sure that was the right move for L’oreal, especially after trying to sell her as proof that they are an ALL inclusive brand that embraces diversity, tsk, there goes that word again. Perhaps before signing her they should’ve done their homework and known that the model they were taking on was one that was passionate and never minced words, oh, that was probably the reason for signing her, I guess they didn’t think it was a double edged sword.

Anyways, I believe in freedom of speech completely and if you’re going to be signing on a person you should probably let them know before hand that they were signing off the rights to say what they feel, instead of causing this whole brouhaha.


I’m not going to talk about the whole white privilege thing, at least not today, but in sisterly  allegiance with Munroe, Clare Amafo another black model on the campaign opted out, as in her words,

“If she’s not worth it anymore, I guess I’m not either. #IstandwithMunroe”

I think its really important to not be silent about your feelings, especially when it means that oppression of any kind may be the result when you do remain passive, and even more important to not just talk, but work towards fighting it, else you’re a big part of the oppression too. So like Clare #IstandwithMunroe and hope you do too.




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