What I Wore Today – Eni Ilori, Saturday – Mix Match


I’m Eni ILori, and I am a fashion blogger and illustrator. I would say that my style is Parisian/cool classic with a twist. To me, fashion is a way to express my style; and to some extent, I would say that that personality can be showcased through style. My blog, www.eniswardrobe.com, is about documenting my day to day style as well as showing my illustrations.

The one thing that I have always wanted as a staple in my wardrobe is a checkered jacket. I really admire the details on the jacket plus it has a sort of vintage look to it. When it comes to pulling together outfits, I do have to say that I am sometimes get inspired by other fashion bloggers and then change the look to my own liking. The question is… why did i pair a checkered jacket with a denim dress… well why not?

I liked the combination of two different patterns together. My style is quite laid back, so you would always see me wearing a pair of converse, boots or a blocked sandal. I only really wears heels when I have a special occasion to go to. I just love to be comfortable and not have to worry about my feet hurting.


Eni has been sharing a week’s worth of looks with us. See what she wore MondayTuesday,  WednesdayThursday and Friday, and more on her Instagram @eniswardrobe.

Outfit Details

Jacket – Zara

Dress – Topshop

Earings – Asos




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