What I Wore Today – Eni Ilori, Sunday – Dressing Up Denim


I’m Eni ILori, and I am a fashion blogger and illustrator. I would say that my style is Parisian/cool classic with a twist. To me, fashion is a way to express my style; and to some extent, I would say that that personality can be showcased through style. My blog, www.eniswardrobe.com, is about documenting my day to day style as well as showing my illustrations.

Denim is another staples of my wardrobe. Anything from a pair of denim jeans, to a denim dress and jacket. Doing the double denim look is a very popular fashion trend but today I am showing how you can dress up your denim to look smarter. My favorite thing to style a nice pair of fitted jeans would have to be a basic plain white tee. As I mentioned before, my style is quite relaxed, so I figured why not stay true to my norm and then edge it up with a fitted blazer.

I love the prints on this blazer, it’s fun and also very summery with all the colourful flower details on them. To finish off the look, I chose to wear a block scandal again because it has a smart/elegant feel to it.


Eni has been sharing a week’s worth of looks with us. See what she wore MondayTuesday,  WednesdayThursdayFriday and Saturday, and more on her Instagram @eniswardrobe.

Outfit Details

Jacket – Zara

Jeans – Topshop

Shoes – Chanel



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