What I Wore Today – Eni Ilori, Tuesday – Double Denim


My name is Eni ILori and I am a fashion blogger and illustrator. I would say that my style is  Parisian/cool classic with a twist. To me, fashion is a way to express my style; and to some extent, I would say that that personality can be showcased through style. My blog, www.eniswardrobe.com, is about documenting my day to day style as well as showing my illustrations.

Fashion is evolving everyday with lots of trends coming in and out of popularity. Whilst I do replicate some trends, I prefer to incorporate individual aspects or parts of an outfit so that it contributes towards my own style rather than following fashion or trends specifically. I believe that someone who is stylish can be fashionable, but the reverse isn’t necessarily true. I would like to communicate this through my blog with the aim of inspiring people to create their own style rather than following fashion to a tee.

For someone who has lived in London all her life, it is quite surprising that I only visited Shoreditch today for the first time! This was definitely a unique experience for me and I was mostly amused by the versatile graffiti and art on the walls. It is very interesting to observe how individuals express themselves, their emotions and their struggles through art and creating a masterpiece as a result.

I have recently started a new course at the London College of Style in order to expand my knowledge of the fashion industry and to gain further experience in personal styling and being a full-time blogger. Today’s visit to Shoreditch consisted of exploring various independent stores and specifically many vintage shops accompanied by a number of my classmates.

Although vintage shops are very diverse and interesting, most of the time I personally do not find many items that I am willing to purchase there. Some people tend to prefer the old classic vintage clothes but some on the other hand, rather dress in more recent trends and clothing. A perk of shopping at vintage stores is their low prices and also having access to the patterns and styles from the past.


Eni will be sharing a week’s worth of looks with us. See what she wore Monday and more on her Instagram @eniswardrobe.



Outfit Details

Jacket – Levis

Top – Topshop

Skirt – Topshop

Bag – Furla





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