Woven Blends On – Black, White & Yellow


Black, White and Yellow are some of my favourite colours when paired together. This look is a subtle reminder why these colours look good in an outfit.



Details are what make an outfit for me. I am more particular in the details of individual pieces when trying to pick out what works well for clothing or a particular look.

For me, it is the little details that brings out an outfit.

I particularly love the cold shoulder of this gingham dress because it is unusual of this trend. I love the bubble band at the end of the sleeve and this is what attracted me to the dress. Oh! the back of this dress is just as cute, as it has a bow.

The fur bag and shoes on the other hand, also help to achieve this overall look.




This dress is flirty, playful, girly and sexy all at the same time.

It is suitable for a day out in the streets or to hang out with friends. I love the fact that it is not fitted, just incase you decide to eat a lot when out. There will be no harm, because you would not need to “suck belle” make your dress fine.

This dress lets you be yourself wherever you are.



Further, just incase someone needed a taxi, i’m sure you’ll be there to help 😉

Outfit Details

Dress – Zara

Purse – Zara

Shoes – Kate Spade







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