Woven Blends On – Casper & Gambinis


Currently in Lagos and to be honest, unlike my age mates, I am really just about the food, Lagos life and seeing art. I have had very little interest in club hopping and party going. That aside, Happy New Year guys, hope this year is filled with all your hearts desires.

Since I am such a foodie, I kicked off the new year with a restaurant visit – Casper & Gambinis.


Everything in Nigeria is usually overrated or hyped, especially over the internet. I was shocked when I got to Casper & Gambinis and realized that it was somewhat worthy of its hype. Although our waiters could have been a bit better, the experience was a good one and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for good food.


To my surprise, for the first time in a while I ordered something I actually liked at a restaurant on my first visit. First visits are usually tricky and menus can be confusing, whether wide or not. When a menu is too wide, you become torn between options and when too small, you are thrown off not having enough to choose from.

As usual, as a first time visitor, I struggled with making a decision … but when the food came, I had no regrets. When I go out to eat in a group, I push for everyone to order separate dishes so I can try out of everyone’s main dish. My sisters had lasagna and a burger and everyone’s food was just as good as the next. It is very rare that everyone likes their food in a group outing. So Kudos to the guys at Casper.


In my next visit, i’ll probably opt for their chicken tikka masala as I am an Indian fanatic and fries are boring when eating out. I always try to avoid french fries as a side. That being said, the ambiance and food are good and Caspers is definitely a place to sit back and relax with some of your main g’s. Be sure to have your wallet with you too, it’s not your 200 Naira bowl of Ghana high type of expense, neither is it your high end Mr Biggs. Go prepared, but eat good!









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