Woven Blends On – When Life Gives You Limes, Make A Top!


When Dami, my very good friend, asked me to go around the city with her to take “cool pictures” – I laughed. What friend calls you up a week before to plan how to take ‘cool pictures’ around your city? Lol Dami did, and she knows it’s  because I love my photographs.


Our set day quickly arrived. I had just finished writing and submitting a final paper in one of my summer classes. The weather got gloomy and it rained a bit, so I was turned off. But Dami and I had to hang out because seeing her was long overdue. Eventually, our plans were brought to life, and that’s how this came about.


I also had no idea what look to go for. Last minute, I threw on this pair of vintage mum jeans and a top from a co-ord. We eventually set out not knowing where we were headed, but then decided to go to Krog street tunnel. Atlanta is really beautiful and I am definitely going to start wandering around the city more often.




I really like how chilled the look was and it fit right into the city and environment I was in at the time.


On this day, life gave me limes, so I made a top and rocked the heck out of it.

I am wearing:

Oasis co-ord top

Thrifted vintage mum jeans

All star converses








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